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Spider JonesSpider Jones, Founder

An award winning journalist in both the music and boxing fields,Jones is a three time former Golden Glove Champion and was inducted into the Canadian Boxing Hall of fame in 1996. Spider was recently voted “Boxing Commentator and M.C. of the Year” by the Board of Governors for the World Boxing Federation.

Spider is also a highly popular motivational speaker who is much admired for his diligent work among the youth. His inspirational life story “Out of the Darkness” reveals his amazing rise from the impoverished, gang infested, inner-city projects of Detroit and Windsor and how, as a grade five dropout, he eventually returned to school at the age of thirty to become an honour student. Spider’s favourite thing is talking to his Nighthawks, whether it be about sports, entertainment, or hot issues.

Our Board

Kathy Young, Director
Board Member since October 21, 2013

Scott Sutherland, Executive Director
Board Member since November 26, 2014

Jean Rye, Secretary/Treasurer
Board Member since November 25, 2005

Ainsley Baillie, Volunteer Coordinator
Board Member since August 02, 2012

Mitchell Blass, Board Member
Board Member since February 22, 2012

Lou Rye, Board Member
Board Member since October 21, 2013

Eric Green, Board Member
Board Member since December 3, 2013