Student Testimonials


Spider Jones - Believe To Achieve OrganizationIt was lovely meeting you, I appreciate what you do. People of your caliber, keep me strong, and not want to give up. I feel like I’ve finally beat the “depression” I’ve been struggling with. You really hit home for me when i listen to your motivational speeches. Growing up in shelters, constantly moving around, I’ve been to over 10 different schools growing up.  read more>

Amanda TeifanStudent, Toronto

I think other schools should hire you because you really motivated me in that speech you gave the other day. You taught me that if I have a dream, I shouldn’t give up on it. If it’s realistic, go out and get it. You must have motivated many others who were there. Thanks for the motivation.

P. AmirthanaygamGrade 11 Student

You are truly an inspiration to many people. You have helped me see the new perspective in life once again; to be thankful, to dream big, and to never give up. You have given me the strength to get back up on my feet. You gave me hope and that meant a lot to me.

BonsGrade 11 Student

Your speech was inspiring and taught me to set goals and to follow my dreams. I learned that things come true for a reason. Your speech was fun and full of jokes, and one of the best I’ll see. Thank you for taking the time to teach us all the things you know, and talking with us. It was much appreciated, and I hope to see you again.

Meghan Degrace

I really enjoyed your motivational speech. I found it touching, uplifting and inspiring. It was very nice to see what you did with your life. You told us to never stop believing ourselves. I will keep making my ‘web’ to reach the top, just like you did, Spider.

Ana-Kaye HammondGrade 9 Student